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Depliant Inaugurazione dell'Anno Accademico, S. Cecilia, 2011

Restoration of the great organ in Santa Cecilia Conservatory, the Walcker- Tamburini, warmly so called as though a member of the family, an old grumbling and demanding uncle, has been a special event for all of us.

I remember with deep emotion the concert Fernando Germani gave in May 1966, in the occasion of the last restoration and enlargement of the old Walcker by Tamburini Firm.

Now, with the long restoration and further modernizing – substituting of the old electromechanic switchboard with electronic one – the history takes its course because the works has been performed again by the Walcker Firm, who’s owner, Gerhard Walcker-Mayer, is the great-grandson of that Oskar Walcker who, young worker within the family firm, took part in building the first Santa Cecilia Organ in 1894.

I’m sure that Herr Walcker-Mayer too is now particularly excited going again all over the, material and artistic, path of his grand-grand father.

In his very beautiful memoirs "Erinnerungen eines Orgelbauers – Memories of an Organ builder" in the chapter dedicated to his Rome stay, in the event of our first organ building, he tells about an evening when he and an assistant went around in the old center of Rome and get lost. While the assistant kept looking for coming back, he stopped at the first inn, asked for a room, closed accurately the door and windows and soon fell sound asleep.

At his waking up, the sun shining high, a rose was laying over the bed, fresh of dew. How is it possible? Our hero investigated and accurately and systematically controlled, as a good german man, all over the room. No result: the door perfectly closed, the key on its keyhole, the windows as well, no secret passage nor opening, nothing at all.

The rose appearance remained a mystery, magic sign of the mysterious beauty of the music, that we hope will come back to us in these days.

Alessandro Licata

Programma Inaugurazione dell'Anno Accademico, S. Cecilia, 2011

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